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Matt Potratz

Motivational Speaker & Author
“The choices you make, not the circumstances you face, determine your success.”

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React or Respond:

The title itself is one of the most critical questions we can ask ourselves in the midst of any disagreement, struggle, or hardship: will you let yourself be driven by an emotional Reaction, or a logical Response? We’ve heard our entire lives, “think before you act” and yet often don’t carry out that concept. Matt Potratz will first bring his powerful and emotional story of being rescued from a huge avalanche to fight through over a month in a trauma induced coma and 100+ days behind the walls of hospitals for surgeries, procedures and therapy. The story itself carries many thoughts worth noting and many life-lessons to be learned. Then he’ll ask some strong questions and lay out some principles that could potentially be life or career changing. Adversity is not an option. It’s a fact of life. We live in a fast and dangerous world. At some point, we will all face adversity on some scale. A proper response to that adversity will drastically affect the outcome of our problems, and therefore, the course of your life.

This presentation includes actual video footage of the avalanche that nearly took Matt’s life and a powerful slide presentation of his recovery from a coma to back on his feet. It will make you laugh, cry, cringe, and most of all: reflect.
Your audience will thank you for bringing Matt Potratz into their lives.
What will you do if
life slides out?

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"Having spent 25 years in Retail Sales I have had the opportunity to meet many inspiring and influential people along the way, but every now and then you are fortunate to come in contact with someone that is truly special in both the message they carry and the spirit, power and energy that surrounds them.

Matt has a special gift which allows him to connect with a very broad range of people from all age groups and demographics due in no small part to the fact he was at the top of his game in every way, when suddenly adversity sent him down a path very few could imagine, let alone survive. Through the course of this adversity Matt has been blessed to share his experience with all of us, giving everyone that comes in contact with Matt a new perspective on life and how we truly can choose to respond rather than react to the adversities of life.

Matt Potratz is one of those special people in this World that will make a difference in your life no matter where you are at in your journey."

Tommy C. George Jr.

Gen. Mgr Tri-City Performance

Springville, Utah

“Hearing you speak literally changed my life.”

“Honestly one of the best presentations I’ve

ever listened to.”

“Your positive attitude is inspiring and

humbling and we were deeply moved.”

“As I sat and listened to you, I was amazed
and hopeful; amazed by your fight for
survival, amazed at the attentiveness
of the audience as they listened to you.
And hopeful that your tragic accident and
message might just help to inspire or change
someone’s life who was sitting in that


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