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Corry Collins

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Life Support: Inspiring Story, Strong Message, Delivered with Canadian charm and wit

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Living a sequel

After an illness threatened Collins’ life, he now enjoys life each day and
encourages others to do the same.

By Elizabeth Lachance Hesson, CFP, CLU

Like every good stage play, the finale comes upon us, and the characters — one by one — take their places at center stage. But, on some stages, the ending is designed to create the beginning of a sequel. This is how Corry Collins, CLU, describes his life.

The 10-year MDRT member from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, began his financial services career in 1986. Specializing in disability insurance for physicians, Collins’ work has since taken on new meaning when his own life was threatened by a virus that put him in a coma seven years ago.

On December 28, 2003, Collins was admitted to the emergency room for flu-like symptoms and ended up in a coma. A virus had attacked his body, causing his organs to fail. For nearly five days, his family prayed for his life.

In early January 2004, Collins awoke and his sequel began. He incorporated his business with the name Living Benefits Atlantic and returned to his clients with a renewed passion for disability and critical illness insurances. 

Living benefits

Before his own health scare, Collins had a focus on protecting clients’ finances in the event of a disability. His family history provided a different perspective on the necessity of preparing for every possibility. Collins’ grandfather died at age 41 from a heart attack, and his father — who qualified for MDRT once in 1976 — had his first of four heart attacks at 38, and he has been disabled ever since. Collins is no stranger to what disability could do to an individual and how it could affect a family, and he uses his personal experience to convince clients that the time to plan is now.

In addition to preparing them for living after a serious illness, Collins ensures his clients’ estates are prepared in the event of their death. He provides clients with his definition of estate planning: “Estate planning is the art of dying neatly. What I mean by this is there is a proper way to do everything, including dying — financially, of course.”

No stranger to the stage, Collins has used his personal story to motivate individuals both inside and outside the industry. He shared his story at the 2007 MDRT Annual Meeting and at other industry events and has spoken to corporate audiences, such as Intel. His presentations often incorporate humor, and he has showcased this talent as the master of ceremonies at three Top of the Table Annual Meetings and at World Critical Illness Insurance Conferences.

MDRT means sharing

Collins shares the lessons from his life with his fellow MDRT members, and he attends every Annual Meeting to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from his fellow members. He said MDRT is all about sharing and about having someone on your side. He explained that no matter how much more successful a producer is, as an MDRT member, it is the spirit to share ideas and lessons with each other.

To encourage this idea sharing, Collins has served in leadership roles on the committee that plans the Annual Meeting, serving as the 2010 Main Platform/Special Sessions Chair of the Program Development Committee. He currently promotes MDRT throughout Canada as the country’s Zone Chair in the Membership Communications Committee and was instrumental in organizing the first Taste of MDRT meeting in Canada.

Life in balance

Collins has adopted MDRT’s Whole Person concept, which helps him balance his passion for the business with his family life. He and his wife, Susan, have been married for more than 25 years, and they have raised three children together. Daughters Cassy, 23, and Miranda, 20, have just completed their formal education, and son, John, 24, has joined his father in the financial services business and enrolled in the MDRT Mentoring Program.

In his free time, Collins enjoys playing the guitar, collecting coins, cooking a gourmet meal, taking photographs or riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle — he and Sue bought motorcycles as a way to help them enjoy each day. “If you think you are having a bad day, try missing five,” Collins likes to say, referring to his time spent in a coma.

His new book, “Life Support: You Will Never Wake Up the Same Again,” chronicles the days after Collins woke from his coma and what he learned about life after becoming deathly ill, then fully recovering.

Collins is thankful for his chance to live out his sequel. “Looking back through the events that Sue and I have lived through,” he said, “I can’t help myself from thinking, What a great lesson to begin the rest of our lives with.” 


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Life Support

For over 25 years, Corry Collins has been serving his clientele as a financial planner in Canada. His personal story however is what has earned him an international speaking status. “Life Support” now delivered in 7 countries and to thousands of people of different languages Corry Collins brings his audiences first to laughter, then to tears in his 45-60 minute compelling story. He uses his personal story to make people think about their own lives, their own families, and their own tomorrows.

Life Support is a story about waking from a coma to find oneself surrounded by friends and family. The story is not about going into a coma, but waking from one. The life lessons learned provide the real “take away” for the audiences who hear this compelling and heartwarming story. 

The life lessons of preparation, first impressions, setting your priorities, never giving up, every second counts, and keeping your faith are all explored.

Life Support can be positioned as a strong opening speech, or a powerful closing speech for any conference and any industry. Fees range from $5,000 to $7,500 plus travel expenses from Halifax Canada.


101 Thoughts Quotes and Questions

Designed for sales professionals, this talk offers sales ideas that are fresh for today’s market. It’s not just the words we use, it is how we say them that counts.

This talk is designed and delivered in a way that both new and experienced sales people can learn and implement the ideas immediately. Therefore, it pays to listen.

101 Thought Quotes and Questions is a collection of simple ideas that work.  Learn how to say things with the most impact in the fewest words. These ideas are universal and work with every industry.

Corry Collins has been a financial planner for over 25 years, and knows how to sell an intangible product… life insurance. Along the way he has become one of the best in the world and as such is a “Qualifying and Life member” of the Million Dollar Round Table. As one of the top 2% of this industry Collins had accumulated his 101 Thought Quotes and Questions which he uses to engage his clients. Learn from the best. Fee range is $5,000 to $7,500 plus travel expenses from Halifax Canada. 


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“Corry Collins is a masterful presenter who captivates audiences with his valuable life lessons, uniquely delivered through powerful stories, personal humor, professional presence and personal charm. If you need a world class presenter to impact your audience you must include Corry Collins on your program.”

Wayne Cotton, CLU

CEO Cotton Systems Ltd.

Corry Collins is a consummate professional when he spoke to our Prudential Financial Consultants.  Prior to his presentation, Corry made the effort to understand the profile of the audience - their culture, level of experience and challenges faced - and customized his talk to deliver a moving and impactful message.  He kept his audience enthralled with his stories and entertained them with his humorous anecdotes.  Corry is an excellent platform speaker and he will deliver the goods!

Sharon Woo
Head, PD Academy
Partnerships Distribution
Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd

“Corry Collins weaves positive uplifting messages around his personal story.  He leaves his audience wiser & better equipped to face their challenges for having had the privilege of listening to him speak.  Apart from his life affirming story he is a mine of useful ideas to help us do our job better.”

Tony Gordon

MDRT Past President


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